. SCOHA Newsletter .

Click on the date links below to open up the associated SCOHA newsletter. Each newsletter previews that month's luncheon topic and provides notes from the prior month's presentation. Note: these are in PDF format and you will need appropriate PDF reading software such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader

Date Topic (prior month's luncheon)
November, 2017 Working effectively with the city
October, 2017 Pavement Managerment
September, 2017 Legislative update
May, 2017 Running effective and legal board meetings
April, 2017 Running board meetings and amending documents
March, 2017 Legal (litigation) Update
February, 2017 HOA Rules enforcement panel discussion (also, reminder that annual dues are now due!)
January, 2017 Litigation Issues
November, 2016 HOA Insurance Issues
October, 2016 Scottsdale Council and Mayoral Candidates
September, 2016 Legislative Update
May, 2016 "What would you do?" interactive game
April, 2016 Writing Good Landscaping Contracts and Good Contracts in General
March, 2016 National HOA Case Law Update
February, 2016 Scottsdale Water
January, 2016 Litigation Issues
November, 2015 Dealing with Difficult People (Panel Discussion)
October, 2015 Acting City Manager Brian Biesemeyer Speaks
September, 2015 2015 Legislative Update
May, 2015 HOA Contract Review and Negotiation
April, 2015 Landmines in HOA Collections
February, 2015 Holding Effective Annual Meetings
January, 2015 Litigation Issues
November, 2014 Architectural Review Process
October, 2014 Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane Speaks
September, 2014 2014 Legislative Update
May, 2014 Amending Governing Documents
April, 2014 Fair Housing Update ("Pets")
March, 2014 National HOA Law Update
February, 2014 CC&R Enforcement
January, 2014 Issues Facing Associations
November, 2013 Asphalt Maintenance
October, 2013 City Manager Fritz Behring Speaks
September, 2013 2013 Legislative Update
May, 2013 Rentals in HOAs
April, 2013 Landscaping concerns
March, 2013 Legal Seminar
February, 2013 HOA Insurance Issues
January, 2013 Litigation Issues
November, 2012 Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane Speaks
October, 2012 Trends in HOA Collections
September, 2012 2012 Legislative Update
May, 2012 HOA Budgeting Process
April, 2012 Making Board Meetings Better
March, 2012 HOA Cases Around the Country
February, 2012 Major Maintenance Issues
January, 2012 Litigation Issues
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